On December 10th, 2022, El Torito partnered with Celebration Nation Foundation to give back to Ventura County farm workers by supporting a coat drive and feeding workers. Farmers were provided warm apparel and jackets from Celebration Nation while El Torito donated an array of their celebrated holiday tamales.

About Celebration Nation

Celebration Nation is known for rising to the occasion in times of need and devastation. The spirit of giving and community is nothing new. With multiple campaigns a year, Celebration Nation strives to help as many families as possible, whenever it can. Founder Flor Martinez’s mission is to support our under-represented and underserved communities through any adversity they may face, whether it be wildfires, pandemic circumstances, heat waves, or food scarcity. The work done by the organization’s serves as a clear testament to its central belief: it takes the community to save the community. The Celebration Nation Foundation’s mission remains to support and empower the Latinx community with dedicated effort and involvement from the entire community and its established sponsors.